BIIIIIIIIIIIG POST--Last Week + This Week's Updates, Character Spotlight #5

I bet you thought I just forgot about last week's update, didn't you? Well, I didn't! (Nice save, Mel.)

But no, seriously, it was on purpose; I have a buttload of things I want to write about, and it'd be a little cool to have some of it grouped together, since they happened-and I knew they'd happen-over the span of these past two weeks.

First off, a general "Novella Gaming" update: we got a logo! Check it out!

Pretty great, right?

Next! T-shirt! The final printing? Looks GREAT. And I'll be announcing it on the Kickstarter page in just a bit as well, but they'll only be available to buy until the end of May. Check it out in this terribly low-res picture I took with my phone (it's also too big on me because I ordered a small instead of an extra small on accident)!

The printer I'm going through is called Winning Streak, by the way, if you're ever in need of fantastic t-shirt mass production.

Next up! A lot of the writing for "But I love you." is all done, with the exception of "basic" dialogue (this is part of the dating sim element to the game, it's just things that can help you wrack up certain kinds of points with the ladies) and a few of the endings, and recording is going to start very soon.

And while we're on the subject of BILY, here's something neat--images of the backer-created characters! Below, we have the lovely new ladies: Angela, Miakoda, Victoria, Hikari, and Kurotsuki!







Hikari and Kurotsuki lineart (WIP)

Hikari and Kurotsuki lineart (WIP)

News for our other games:  we've hired a musician for Rite of Passing (who is working on the soundtrack for it, and I've only heard a clip but it was a gorgeous clip nonetheless), and one of our musicians for Galactic Embassy: Earth Division is working on the song for the trailer. I have to go through and make the Kickstarter campaign for GEED soon, but I'll likely be making a new account on Kickstarter to do that, since we have an name type thing now. So be on the lookout for "Novella Gaming" on Kickstarter sometime in the future.

Concept art for Rite of Passing is also happening, and as you already know, the artwork for Galactic Embassy: Earth Division is already happening. The writing for GEED is being refined and reformatted (since it was originally intended to be an animated series), and Rite of Passing is having some of it's more important scenes storyboarded.

Ending art for BILY is still happening, of course. Here's a sketch of the art for one of Allison's "bad" endings.

The people in the Facebook development group for BILY have seen the majority of this all ready, so it's not really news to them. Something that may be of interest, though, is the cast for "But I love you.", especially now that you've seen the backer-created characters and know their names.

  • Female protagonist: Sarah Wiedenheft
  • Male protagonist: Lucas Campbell
  • Allison: Jane Redd
  • Angela: Emily Koch
  • Emma: Mel Gorsha
  • Hikari: Amber Lee Connors
  • Kurotsuki: Cayla Martin
  • Leila: Brittany Lauda
  • Miakoda: Danielle McRae
  • Ryanne: Kira Buckland
  • Victoria: Skyler Davenport
  • Vivian: Tamara Fritz

A really fantastic cast that I'm excited to work with and direct. 

Now, moving on to...

Character Spotlight #5

And this week's is featuring, of course, Emma from "But I love you."!

Emma is a sweet young lady who has lived in Keresberg all of her life, and inherited the local bed and breakfast from her father. She dreamed of being a pianist for a while, but then gave that up to take over the inn, rationalizing that it wasn't likely she would amount to anything if she were to pursue music.

Emma values manners and hospitality over most things, and when she feels the need to be aggressive, she'll do it with a smile. She enjoys music, singing, and has been known to indulge in the occasional terrible pun once she's comfortable with a person.


She is fairly personable and friendly, but does seem to hold a polite distance between herself and others; she graciously accepts compliments, and is quick to flatter, but her more genuine praises come with a flurry of uncharacteristic excitement.

Her style and mannerisms are equal to those of a lady before our time, and Emma also doesn't seem to be very in touch with the world outside of Keresberg. Which is understandable, as she's never had a chance to leave, and there's no internet or cell reception...not that she ever had a cell phone.

Emma finds it very easy to make friends, and while she values manners, she will choose someone kind and gruff over someone polite and cold. She finds social hierarchies and stigmas to be awful, having come from a family of old money, and back when Keresberg was more populated, would make a point of acquainting herself with everyone, even making some close friends with people who were ostracized for being different.

Emma's biggest flaw may come from the fact that if she doesn't know something or is the last one to find out about something, it frustrates her, and instead of expressing how she feels, she bottles up any negativity until she's exhausted and has to let it all out.

Character Spotlight #4

Part of me almost regrets saying the posters would be signed...All of the posters just arrived. I'm gonna have some serious wrist stiffness. But since they were bought in bulk, I can hold the extras for selling at conventions. ...If we ever go to one and if anyone would ever even be interested, for that matter. I often find myself wondering if people will stick around to see what else we have in store as far as games go, or if everyone's just here for "Yandere Town" and then skedaddling. I also wonder if they'll think the twist is utter crap, although that was what the story has been built around...buuuut enough about that silly "thinking", let's move on to--

Character Spotlight #4

Featuring the painfully adorable (and shy) Allison!

Allison has an interesting range of hobbies--she loves botany, sketching, photography, painting, and graffiti. Basically, if she thinks it's beautiful, she tries to learn about it.  She's extremely self-conscious and shy, and often keeps herself from interacting with other people using the reasoning that she doesn't want to "bother" them. She has a hard time keeping eye contact with people, and often prefers to just spend time alone. Allison dislikes crowds and the type of people who will keep bugging you no matter how hard you try to ignore them.

She can come across as irritable, when really she's just having a difficult time processing what she wants to say, or even just figure out how to respond. She's easily flustered and has a hard time figuring out how other people think, but she's also just as easily amazed by acts of kindness and beautiful things (like flowers, for instance).

Allison has very feminine taste in clothing; she loves dresses that are simple, but overlookable details like subdued frills and bows. She typically wears neutral colors with yellow accents. Her vision is very poor, and she can barely walk without bumping into something with her glasses gone. If she goes too long without wearing them, she usually ends up injuring herself.


That's all for now! See you later!



My t-shirt is on it's way to me...and I am reaaaaaaaally happy with the design. The t-shirt printer had one of their graphic artists draw it up for me (since I just can't get it right...), and I gotta say, it's lookin' preeeeetty sweet. 

I don't think I posted this on the blog yet, but I managed to pin down an artist for Galactic Embassy's human/humanoid character avatars! You can check her out at

Take a look at the avatars for Mikaila (the heroine of Galactic Embassy: Earth Division) and Shira (her second-in-command) that she did! Expressions vary, don't worry.

That's all I can really show you this week, soooooo...bye bye for now! Next week's character spotlight is Allison!

Character Spotlight #3, more about ROP

Much like last week, not much I can really show you this week! So let's get right into...

Character Spotlight #3

Today's spotlight features the playful Ryanne from "But I love you."!

Ryanne is that girl no one can pin down the age of. She acts like a grade-schooler most of the time, but she's apparently old enough to go travelling across the country by herself! Ryanne came from a big city, but didn't like being stuck in such a busy place--as soon as she was old enough to leave, she did just that, and for almost a whole year, she was a bit of a nomad...until she came to Keresberg. She's not really sure why, but she liked it enough to settle down, and she spends her time at the local playground.

She likes being outside and playing with bugs, hiking, swimming, exploring, meeting new people, and has been compared to a golden retriever...which is fine, since she loves dogs. Out of the five main BILY girls, she's the most genuinely friendly and least likely to get irritated or anxious--she loves people, and jumps at the opportunity to make new friends. The only kind of person she dislikes is a mean one, and she'll always come to the rescue if she thinks someone's being picked on.

Her biggest flaws might just be that she can't sit still, keep her mouth shut, or stop herself from doing things she probably shouldn't. In other words...she doesn't have much self-discipline.

She can get a little excited and jumble up her words when she's really passionate about something, but even when she messes up she's not easily embarrassed. She loves playing games, but she's not competitive like Leila and is mostly looking to have fun, not frustrate someone by besting them. 

While it may often seem like Ryanne only has one mode ("excited"), she can buckle down and get serious when she has to, particularly when she thinks a friend is in trouble or in need. She's very loyal, but if a friend is doing something wrong, she won't hesitate to tell them so.

All right! But moving on, I think it'd be cool to show you guys some more stuff for ROP. I won't talk about it or anything, but...yeah. Have a nice day and/or night! You can read a little bit about some of the characters, and take a look at the adorable pictures Ducky's done for us.