Taking care of backer surveys, Character Spotlight #1

So as I go through and download all of the backer pictures, make sure to message people with janky picture links, and take down credits, it's dawned on me that there...are a lot of people who back BILY. Almost 1,500. I've been going through and typing each and every credit name in a document for the past week whenever I can, and I'm barely halfway done. I wonder how many people still have to submit their surveys...

The only bad part about having to write them down individually is that it takes away from time I could be spending writing, but that's okay. I have a chunk of time this week that's going to be dedicated to just working on the website and writing the script.

Nick is working on the backer-designed characters, Glenn's just waiting on me to finalize the lyrics to the ending credits song, and programming will start before the end of March.

Something I'd like to start doing in these blog entries is including a "character spotlight" every other week featuring characters from our projects we've publicly announced, and I'll start that today! Today's featured character is...drum roll, please...

Character Spotlight # 1


Leila from "But I love you."!

Leila is a parkour enthusiast (though she's not particularly good at it) who does basically whatever she wants, when she wants. She can be bossy, and while she respects someone who can stand up for themselves, she absolutely hates being told what to do or that she's wrong.

She has a bit of a punk chic look that clashes with her freerunning hobby and often leads to her falling before she can get going. She is, however, athletic.

Leila enjoys loud music, almost anything competitive, flirting, and pranks. In other words, if she thinks it'll get someone flustered, she likes it. She isn't exactly what anyone would call mature, and all she really cares about is having fun.

She isn't fond of shy people, as she can get pretty impatient with them, and refuses to be "nicer" to them.

In spite of her many childish qualities, she will feel guilty if she lashes out at a person, whether it be for telling her she's not right about something, or if she went too far with a prank. With a little time, she'll offer a reluctant apology in hopes of patching things up. She doesn't need other people to like her because she knows she's perfect, but she does like it when they do get along. 

Well, that's all for today! See you next week!