More progress, Character Spotlight #2

Ending artwork for about 30 of the endings is underway, as well as the story book sequence, Nick is taking a tiny vacation but will likely finish the character avatars within the month, and the lyrics for the "special event" song are being contemplated as I type this. Oh! And look at these adorable chibis that'll be sent out as the stickers for the people who picked those rewards during the KS/got them through the Paypal store! Done by Miukii-chan. 

Been suffering on and off from writer's block, unfortunately, but the best way to deal with  that is to write a different scene! Amirite? Yeah... Things are getting done on the script, just in a different order. I'll have to rearrange the to-do list (at this rate, the script is supposed to be done by June, by the way).

Programming should also start within the next week or two once one of the programmers gets back to me about how taxing is going to work/apply to this project, since he' another country. There's a chance me or Matthew McAdam, my partner, will go back to college just to take some business courses or something. There's a chance Matt's brother will go into business, though, so if he makes up his mind within the next year, we'll see...........

Anywho! Time for...

Character Spotlight #2

Starring everyone's favorite redheaded neatfreak, Vivian from "But I love you."!

Vivian is the kind of person who would never send someone else to do her work for her--they'd obviously mess it up, and she's just have to start it over. She enjoys cooking, and gets satisfaction from having everything neat and organized and where it belongs.

She can get irritated quite easily if you mess up her work, but generally she's pretty friendly and helpful, though she has a tendency to take everything seriously. Jokes go over her head a lot of the time. She likes being helpful where she can, and relaxes and stays fit by jogging long distances. She came to Keresberg after the roads outside town shredded her tires...and she never left. She's taken it upon herself to keep the local farmer's market presentable, making sure all of the fruits and vegetables aren't blemished and are stacked and organized in an "aesthetically pleasing" matter.

Out of the main five BILY girls, Vivian is perhaps the most normal and/or average when it comes to talking to strangers. But when you start getting close to her...well, let's just say she finds her emotions "embarrassing". She's not very experienced or interested in romance, and the thought of being in a relationship is enough to make her face turn as red as her hair.

She also finds it embarrassing if anyone catches her fawning over something cute; she feels she should be seen as someone responsible and reliable, and that her weakness for adorable things clashes with that. If you confront or ask her about whether she likes something cute, no matter how obvious it is that she does, she'll stubbornly deny it. She's also afraid of a lot of things in spite of coming across as a bit tough and levelheaded; she won't squirm at the sight of blood,  but get her in the dark, get her near bugs, or have some loud noises go off...she's a big baby.

She has kind of a cowboy look about her, though she's not really from anywhere where that's the style. And though she's easily embarrassed when it comes to relationships, she's not easily embarrassed when it comes She's fairly fit, and while she doesn't really want to show it off, she's aware she's in shape and is pretty confident in her looks (though not in the cocky manner Leila is).

That's all for now, people! Bye bye until next week!