Productive, though uneventful! Wanna hear about GEED and ROP?

This week, while it has been productive, has been overall pretty uneventful. And by that, I mean nothing particularly exciting regarding BILY happened (that I can show you, anyway). However, I did snag an artist to start drawing cute models of the characters for "Rite of Passing" (that's probably going to end up being the name of it at this point) to use whenever things happen/whenever announcements are made regarding it. If you click on the pictures of Ulupi the naga and Thalarene the half-elf and Kgeg the dryad, you can visit a few of the artist's links! Check her out!

And on yet another note, I started gathering up and redoing a lot of concept art for GEED characters (since I recently got an amazing new tablet). Have a look at some of the stuff for Mikaila, the heroine of Galactic Embassy: Earth Division.

She's a very serious lady. Can't really say I blame her considering she's on a mission to take a whole planet back from an entire race of aliens with only a handful of people under her command.

And when I say that this week has been uneventful, I just mean no exciting new developments have popped up, like we've been nominated for "Best Dating Sim Ever" or anything that. Work is definitely happening at an awesome pace, there's just unfortunately not much we can show you for the time being...I DID manage to get a lot of writing done, including the reveal of our antagonist! As in, the reveal of her being the antagonist...she's revealed pretty early in the game, but she's presented as just another girl. Oops? Did I say too much? (The answer is "nah".) 

I'm considering doing some sort of AMA or live stream video in the future to answer questions or just interact with the people who're interested in the game or backed it, but I haven't made up my mind...I'm awful at on the fly interaction, so that may not go well.

Meanwhile, enjoy a WIP of one of the many ending art pieces.