Character Spotlight #3, more about ROP

Much like last week, not much I can really show you this week! So let's get right into...

Character Spotlight #3

Today's spotlight features the playful Ryanne from "But I love you."!

Ryanne is that girl no one can pin down the age of. She acts like a grade-schooler most of the time, but she's apparently old enough to go travelling across the country by herself! Ryanne came from a big city, but didn't like being stuck in such a busy place--as soon as she was old enough to leave, she did just that, and for almost a whole year, she was a bit of a nomad...until she came to Keresberg. She's not really sure why, but she liked it enough to settle down, and she spends her time at the local playground.

She likes being outside and playing with bugs, hiking, swimming, exploring, meeting new people, and has been compared to a golden retriever...which is fine, since she loves dogs. Out of the five main BILY girls, she's the most genuinely friendly and least likely to get irritated or anxious--she loves people, and jumps at the opportunity to make new friends. The only kind of person she dislikes is a mean one, and she'll always come to the rescue if she thinks someone's being picked on.

Her biggest flaws might just be that she can't sit still, keep her mouth shut, or stop herself from doing things she probably shouldn't. In other words...she doesn't have much self-discipline.

She can get a little excited and jumble up her words when she's really passionate about something, but even when she messes up she's not easily embarrassed. She loves playing games, but she's not competitive like Leila and is mostly looking to have fun, not frustrate someone by besting them. 

While it may often seem like Ryanne only has one mode ("excited"), she can buckle down and get serious when she has to, particularly when she thinks a friend is in trouble or in need. She's very loyal, but if a friend is doing something wrong, she won't hesitate to tell them so.

All right! But moving on, I think it'd be cool to show you guys some more stuff for ROP. I won't talk about it or anything, but...yeah. Have a nice day and/or night! You can read a little bit about some of the characters, and take a look at the adorable pictures Ducky's done for us.