FINALLY CAUGHT UP WITH ALL OF YOUR NAMES. Jeez. There were a surprising number of backers named "Pedro", by the way.

It made me fall behind by one measly writing assignment for the script (someone's intro scene, though I can't say who...), but I managed to catch up and even got a little ahead, so yay! I ALSO almost missed my weekly blog entry because I rushed to bed last night after playing Borderlands 2 and realizing that we were about to skip ahead an hour...and I had to get up in the morning to go to work.

Meanwhile, Nick is rolling with the backer created characters' avatars! I won't reveal anything completely, buuuuuut...

Silhouettes are pretty safe.

Soundtrack has a very very fun piece that's finalized--the ending song! I won't show the whole thing, but here's a clip of what you'll hear when the credits roll.

I've also been in contact with a few artists to provide the art for the many, many endings (pretty sure we're at 50), and those will all be featured in the digital artbook...

Things are steadily getting done, and it's making me very happy.