Character Spotlight #4

Part of me almost regrets saying the posters would be signed...All of the posters just arrived. I'm gonna have some serious wrist stiffness. But since they were bought in bulk, I can hold the extras for selling at conventions. ...If we ever go to one and if anyone would ever even be interested, for that matter. I often find myself wondering if people will stick around to see what else we have in store as far as games go, or if everyone's just here for "Yandere Town" and then skedaddling. I also wonder if they'll think the twist is utter crap, although that was what the story has been built around...buuuut enough about that silly "thinking", let's move on to--

Character Spotlight #4

Featuring the painfully adorable (and shy) Allison!

Allison has an interesting range of hobbies--she loves botany, sketching, photography, painting, and graffiti. Basically, if she thinks it's beautiful, she tries to learn about it.  She's extremely self-conscious and shy, and often keeps herself from interacting with other people using the reasoning that she doesn't want to "bother" them. She has a hard time keeping eye contact with people, and often prefers to just spend time alone. Allison dislikes crowds and the type of people who will keep bugging you no matter how hard you try to ignore them.

She can come across as irritable, when really she's just having a difficult time processing what she wants to say, or even just figure out how to respond. She's easily flustered and has a hard time figuring out how other people think, but she's also just as easily amazed by acts of kindness and beautiful things (like flowers, for instance).

Allison has very feminine taste in clothing; she loves dresses that are simple, but overlookable details like subdued frills and bows. She typically wears neutral colors with yellow accents. Her vision is very poor, and she can barely walk without bumping into something with her glasses gone. If she goes too long without wearing them, she usually ends up injuring herself.


That's all for now! See you later!